Kylor Hall

Small Startups · React · Frontend · UI Design · Development · Logistics

Based in San Francisco, currently traveling. Been to 300+ caf├ęs around the world!

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main stack React, Product Design

TwoXSea Ordering Platform

TwoXSea Ordering Platform

A large scale warehouse management & customer ordering platform for the best sustainable seafood company on the west coast.

ui/ux design · backend · frontend · infastructure

code js: react, redux, nodejs, koa
code html5/css3: jsx, scss + css-modules + postcss
code build: codeship ci, webpack, npm, git
access_time May 2016 - Current
StudyPlus Design


This was a larger project designing out an e-learning edtech platform with a very playful design.

design · branding · interface design

code html5/css3: jade + scss + post-css
code js: angularjs (1.x) build: npm, git
access_time June 2015
Winterfell Logo


A few fans of Game of Thrones started an edtech startup and they wanted me to build a simple landing page; I did one better and designed them a logo and branding.

design · branding

code html5/css3: jade + scss + post-processing illustrator
access_time July 2015
New Crop UI

NewCrop Coffee Auctions

A green coffee auction enabling direct sale between farm and roaster. We use a novel multi-unit, multi-dimension auction platform to allow roasters of all sizes access to lots of all sizes. Direct means money ends up in the right hands - the farmers - instead of importers.

design · branding · frontend development

code html5/css3: bootstrap js: meteor, node
access_time December 2014 - 2015
Orivor Design & Development

Orivor Coffee Roasters

A small coffee roaster based out of San Francisco. Developed a new simple shopping cart involving SMS texting & Stripe to create the easiest way to get fresh roasted coffee delivered to you.

design · development · apprenticing roaster

code html5/css3: bootstrap ruby: rails
access_time March 2014 - 2015
TwoFish Kickstarter

TwoFish Kickstarter

Raised $38.6k / $15k

A non-profit project w/ initial funding by Cisco Systems taking amazing domestic, sustainable fish and having sushi chefs break it into sashimi and blast freezing it for consumers to enjoy.

design · branding · logistics · processed fish!

code html5/css3: bootstrap print media: photoshop, sketch
access_time August 2014 - March 2015
ilovebluesea ecommerce

i love blue sea

Sold in November 2014

Sold sustainable seafood online direct from the producers and fishermen. Sourcing from 20+ unique producers we faced a bunch of logistics and pricing hurdles that I developed custom solutions for.

design · development · logistics

code magento php: zend html5/css3: bootstrap js: jquery linux: nginx
access_time August 2011 - November 2014
TackleBox Logistics


Built to support i love blue sea: a platform to manage our internal shipping logistics and used by all of our producers and some initial clients.

design · development · logistics

code php html5/css3: bootstrap js: backbone linux: nginx
access_time January 2013 - November 2014
Delivered Logistics


Built to be a public version and successor of TackleBox, but failed at some solving some conceptual issues.

design · development · logistics

code php: laravel html5/css3: bootstrap js: angular linux: nginx
access_time February 2014 - December 2014